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This Is It. The All-Inclusive Women’s Health App You’ve Been Waiting For.

Developed by doctors and psychologists, Rosy is the first-ever app to bring the entire women’s healthcare experience under one roof.

From low libido to migraine, PCOS, and menopause, Rosy is your trusted companion through thick and thin, at all ages.

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Multi-Award Winning App Recommended by 6,000+ Healthcare Professionals

I tell my patients about this app

"I tell my patients about this app because it gives them a chance to ask those questions that often don’t get asked in the office!"

- Rosy Healthcare Professional

Cannot recommend this app highly enough

"As a gynecologist, I cannot recommend this app highly enough. The content is superb, timely and relevant. I have directed many of my patients their way. Bravo Rosy!!"

- Gretchen Frey, MD, OB-GYN

Thrilled to find this app

"I first learned about Rosy through my work in Women's Healthcare and I was thrilled to find this app. Rosy has become a go-to recommendation for patients needing information and support to prioritize their own wellbeing and pleasure. Personally, I love the easy access to safe and reliable blog posts and videos, and I especially appreciate the diverse library of erotica to support arousal and desire!"

- Rosy Healthcare Professional

Worth every penny

"As a pelvic and sexual pain specialist, the ONLY source I have to send my patients to is MeetRosy. The content is fantastic. I can't tell you how much I learned from watching the videos, and this is technically in my wheelhouse! If you're looking for good info, it's in here. And the areas that are paid for, in my opinion, are worth EVERY PENNY. It's invaluable."

- Angie Stoehr, MD, Pelvic and Sexual Pain Specialist

Pave A New Path Forward With Expert Guidance

Pave A New Path Forward With Expert Guidance

Gone are the days of endless surfing the web and waiting months to get help.

Get informed by healthcare professionals who care and feel seen, heard, and validated by a supportive community of other women who get it.


Get Instant Answers You Can Trust

Scroll through 1-3 min videos created by women’s healthcare professionals to find all the answers to your health questions (and more you didn't know you had). Totally free, evidence-based, and personalized to you.

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Wellness Plans

Address What’s Bugging You

Get a tailored, comprehensive plan to move beyond specific health challenges. Created by medical and mental health professionals, your Wellness Plan looks at your health as a whole and provides science-backed solutions to help you meet your unique health goals.

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Wellness Plans


Connect With Peers Going Through The Same Thing

Get unstuck with expert coaching sessions, anonymous group events, and community discussion forums. This is your safe space for support from women just like you – completely private, confidential, and judgment-free.

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Elevate Your Sex Life To New Heights

Regain control over your sex drive with 150+ steamy stories. Scientifically proven to enhance women’s sexual wellness. Our diverse library of female-focused erotica will help you reconnect with your sexuality and leave you feeling hot, hot, hot.

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Your Safe Space To Improve Well-Being

Completely Personalized

You’ll first answer a Wellness Quiz so we can recommend content and events fitting your unique health goals.

Private & Secure

All health data is encrypted, anonymized, and securely stored. We don’t collect any cycle information and never sell data to third parties.


Learn about your health with medically verified videos and articles – without paying a dime.

Backed By Experts

Rosy was founded by a female OB-GYN and all content is created with women’s healthcare providers. So you know it’s trustworthy and safe.

Join 250,000+ women aged 17–91 improving their health with Rosy

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Becoming informed about your body is the first step to better health.

On the XOXO Blog, you’ll find medically-reviewed articles on a variety of women’s health topics.

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