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The Headache & Migraine Collection

Did you know that migraine attacks are 3 times more common in women than men? Problem is: people often confuse a migraine attack with a bad headache. So they don’t seek out medical help. Instead, they suffer in silence. Pop an ibuprofen. And just try to tough it out by still attending that social event they committed to…Somehow convincing themselves that “it’s not that bad” (it is).

The Headache & Migraine Collection is now live! In 4 free, bite-sized modules created in collaboration with internationally renowned headache specialist Lauren R. Natbony, MD, FAHS, you’ll learn what causes migraine in women and science-backed strategies to manage and prevent attacks.

The Headache & Migraine Collection

Are My Headaches Actually Migraine Headaches?

Discover the difference between headaches and migraine and why migraine attacks are more common in women (hint: it has to do with hormones)

Are My Headaches Actually Migraine Headaches

Migraine Diagnosis

Understand the 4 phases of migraine attacks, various things that can trigger an attack, and how doctors diagnose it

Migraine Diagnosis

Migraine Management

Learn which lifestyle changes and medications can improve migraine and enhance your quality of life

Migraine Management

Seeking Help For Headaches & Migraine

Find out which medical specialists to turn to for support, plus advice on getting help from your social circle when you need it

Seeking Help for Headaches Migraine

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