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Thriving Sexually During & After Breast Cancer

Rosy is proud to support women throughout every stage of life, especially in those moments when life gets tough. Over the last 3 years, we've worked with experts to curate a toolkit filled with evidence-based tools to help women who have or had cancer. Keep reading to find out how Rosy fits into your journey to sexual wellness.

What You'll Find

Dedicated Modules

Modules created by an oncologist and nurse practitioner dedicated to women who have or had cancer.

Sensitive Erotica

Erotica written specifically for thrivers and survivors without mention of nipple or breast stimulation.

Guided Journaling

Journal prompts for self-reflection so you can identify problematic thoughts and start reframing them.

Supportive Community

A safe, anonymous space brings women together for honest, supportive conversations about sexual health.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Fatigue & Cancer

    Fatigue is one of the most common and distressing symptoms during cancer treatment, making sex the last thing on your list of priorities. Here you will learn how to improve fatigue and get your energy for intimacy back.

  2. Partner Communication

    Talking about sex is extremely important for a healthy relationship, and with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it’s even more critical. Even if you’ve never talked about sex in the past, this lesson will help you find your voice and use cancer as an opportunity to start that conversation.

  3. Sexual Pain

    Cancer treatment can lead to pain during sexual activity for a variety of reasons. Here, we cover some of the most common causes that cancer and its treatment can contribute to pain, and give you some ideas on how to manage and break that cycle.

  4. Stress Management

    Cancer is stressful emotionally, physically and spiritually, affecting sexual desire, arousal and pain. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the main stressors of your cancer diagnosis, intentional reflections and exercises to help decrease your stress levels.

  5. Body Image

    This lesson addresses cancer, body image and its impact on sexual function. By becoming more aware of how we see and picture ourselves in our minds, we can take control of those thoughts and take steps in becoming kinder to ourselves.

  6. Vaginal Dryness

    Vaginal dryness is the most common sexual concern in general and can be magnified by cancer treatment. In this lesson, you’ll learn more about vaginal dryness and the available options for help.

  7. Mood Changes

    Depression and anxiety are common when going through cancer treatments. This lesson educates you on anxiety and depression throughout the cancer process, with questionnaires to help you to identify if you suffer from either.

  8. Reconnecting With Your Partner

    Communicating about sex can be challenging after a cancer diagnosis, however, communicating can happen in ways other than talking. These exercises can help you connect with partner or yourself slowly and safely in a nonverbal way.

  9. Communication with Your Healthcare Team

    Sexual concerns are a health and a quality of life concern that are impacted by cancer and its treatment. Speaking to your healthcare team about these concerns can be daunting. Here, you will learn some helpful approaches that will help empower you to get any additional help you may need from your care team.

Your Free Membership

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're giving you a FREE 1-Month Silver Membership - including a personalized Wellness Plan + the entire erotica library! Use code THRIVING to redeem now!

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More Resources

We are dedicated to providing as many resources for the breast cancer community as possible. See below for more tools we offer through the XOXO Blog and a checklist for your next doctor appointment.

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Our blog features articles written by experts for women with a cancer diagnosis to learn and find the support you deserve.

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Sexual Concerns Checklist

Talking to your doctor about sexual health concerns can be difficult.

Download the Sexual Concerns Checklist and use it at your next healthcare appointment.

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