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The Truth About Antidepressants and Sexual Side Effects in Women

Dr. Harper interviews Bonafide's Dr. Dweck about the impacts of antidepressants on sexual function and shares medicinal and natural ways treatment options.

Why doesnt sex feel good to me

Why Doesn't Sex Feel Good To Me?

Sex should be a pleasurable experience. There are many reasons sex doesn't feel good to you. Learn the most common reasons sex doesn't feel good.

How Is Sex Different Postpartum

How Is Sex Different Postpartum?

Does sex change during postpartum? Pregnancy and childbirth impact the body in many ways. Here are 6 things you should know about sex and postpartum.

Painful Sex Thoughts Intimacy

Painful Sex, Thoughts, & Intimacy

Learn how to overcome painful sex and negative thinking to enjoy intimacy and maintain pleasure.

Gathering Sexuality Tools For Yourself How To Find Erotica You Like

Gathering Sexuality Tools For Yourself: How To Find Erotica You Like

Learn how to find the right erotica for you with these top 5 tips and sexuality tools from Dr. J!

Blog Cannabis sex

Marijuana and Sex: What You Need to Know

How does cannabis actually affect sex? Here’s what we know – and what we don’t.

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What Is Sex Coaching?

Learn how sex coach, Dr. Sonia Wright defines sex coaching and shares the impact it can have on your sex life.

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Body Image & How It Impacts Our Sexual Functioning

Emma Schmidt, MA, LPCCS shared 3 ways to overcome body image issues and improve sexual functioning.

Treatment Options For Orgasm Dysfunction

Treatment Options for Orgasm Dysfunction

Find out what treatments are available for treating orgasm problems and how to know which might work best for you in new blog by Dr. Somi Javaid, MD.

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Painful Sex After A Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy post-surgery effects on the body can be distressing and disorienting, for some that includes experiencing pain with sex. Learn what to expect from sex after a hysterectomy.

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What Is Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder?

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, also known as restless genital syndrome or persistent sexual arousal syndrome, is a condition that causes uncontrollable, unwanted spontaneous sexual arousal without any sexual stimulation with or without orgasm.

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How Erotica Can Help You Find Your Mojo After Breast Cancer

The idea of putting on paper the interactions or acts that might make me feel sexy, connected, loved, seemed powerful." Hear how erotica helped this breast cancer survivor find her mojo in her guest post

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Protect Your Vulvar & Vaginal Health At Every Age

Vaginal dryness is not only experienced by women during menopause. Learn how to Protect your vulvar and vaginal health at every age.

Get Slick Lets Talk Lube Part 2

Get Slick. Let’s Talk Lube, Part 2

What do you do when lubrication seems to be the main issue with your lack of bedroom play?

Thyroid Killing The Mood 7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner

Thyroid Killing The Mood? 7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner

7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner | An underactive thyroid can lead to sexual changes that can be frustrating for both you and your partner or partners.

Blog Sex Cancer

Thriving Sexually During & After Cancer

Learn what 9 areas of your cancer journey could be impacting your sexual health + how a custom Wellness Plan helps you tackle them!

Fire Up Your Mind Body With Erotica

Fire Up Your Mind & Body With Erotica

Erotica allows you to put yourself in the driver’s seat and get to know yourself and your body. Learn how reading erotica can improve sexual desire.

What To Do When Your Partner Wants Sex More Than You Do

What To Do When Your Partner Wants Sex More Than You Do

Desire discrepancy? It’s a fancy term that basically means you and your partner have different levels of desire for sex.

Food To Get You In The Mood How Nutrition Affects Your Sexual Health

Food To Get You In The Mood: How Nutrition Affects Your Sexual Health

Can what you eat affect your libido? Before you go adding hand-harvested wild asparagus and chilli-dusted oysters to your shopping list, read this.

4 Steps To Better Sex

4 Steps To Better Sex

Whether someone is struggling with anxiety about sex and they have had few sexual partners or they have had many partners, the felt sense of not-knowing (about sexual desires, arousal, pleasure) can lead to feelings of insecurity around sex. Here are 4 other ways of thinking about sex.

Libido Through The Years What You Need To Know In Your 20s

Libido Through The Years: What You Need To Know In Your 20s

There are a wide range of factors – hormonal, emotional and even societal – that can affect your sex drive, even in your 20s, and low libido at this age can be a lot more common than we realize.

Can I Ask My OBGYN That

Can I Ask My OBGYN That?

Talking to your gynecologist about odors, itching or sex can seem daunting. We tackle 6 common questions you may be too embarrassed to ask.

Libido Through The Years What You Need To Know In Your 30s

Libido Through The Years: What You Need To Know In Your 30s

If you’re not having as much sex as you once had or wish you were having more, you’re not alone. We explore some of the common factors that can affect your libido in your 30s.

What Is HSDD

What Is HSDD?

Dr. Harper defines Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, lists criteria that allows for diagnosis and gives an overview of different treatment options.

Libido Through The Years What You Need To Know In Your 40s

Libido Through The Years: What You Need To Know In Your 40s

As women's hormones shift in their 40s in preparation for menopause all sorts of changes can occur. Learn what to expect and how to tackle these changes.

What Is Vaginismus

What Is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is defined as a painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure. Learn more.

What Is Intimate Partner Violence

What Is Intimate Partner Violence?

What is intimate partner violence (IPV)? Learn how to identify IPV, its impact on health and sexual desire and how to find IPV resources.

Shame LGBTQ Sexual Desire

Shame, LGBTQ + Sexual Desire

Happy Pride Month! Learn how shame affects the LGBTQ community and sexual desire and methods to overcome it by Emma Schmidt, Certified Sex Therapist

Treatment Options For HSDD

Treatment Options For HSDD

1 in 10 women suffer from HSDD. Dr. Monica Valenzuela shares insight on two FDA approved medications for premenopausal women: Flibanserin (Addyi) and Bremelanotide (Vyleesi).

Blog Less Stress

Less Stress, More Sex

10 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Stress and Improving Libido.